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Vintage 2017

VIntage 2017 began on the 2nd March 2017 with the picking of the Clone 96 Chardonnay for Sparkling base from the Kalgan River Vineyard which went on to a clean ferment. Wednesday 8th of March saw the picking of the spur pruned Chardonnay and the balance of the Chardonnay picked on 14th March . Weather conditions have been challenging with some large rain events over March. The Kalgan River Vineyard being at the Eastern end of the Great Southern Region does seem to miss a lot of the higher rainfall. Spur pruned Riesling wsa picked on 14th March and the second pick on 19th March along with the small amount of Kalgan River Pinot Noir which was then cold soaked .The Brewery Pinot was then picked on the mornong of 25th of March before some untimely rain.  Kalgan River Shiraz was harvested on 5th April, with some very warm fine days on the weather forecast  perfect for continuing the ripening.

Vintage 2016

Here at the winery we are looking forward to another vintage. It certainly feels like pruning only just finished and we are getting ready to pick! The forecast for vintage 2016 looks promising at this early stage. The yields are slightly above average with good flowering and fruit set across all varietie,s although bunch sizes are slightly smaller than average. Temperatures have been mild with no significant heat spikes over the growing period. We recently experienced a significant rain event with some vineyards receiving around 100mm over 2 to 3 days but at this early stage most varieties seem to have coped. Our first release will be the 2016 Willoughby Park Sauvignon Blanc with the Rieslings to follow closely.

Vintage 2015

Vintage 2015 has arrived. After a long dry summer the days are shorter and the nights cooler. On average yields are lower than in previous years but the bonus is the berries and bunches are smaller, resulting in greater concentration of flavours. The Riesling and Chardonnay have been harvested and our winemaker says the whites from this year have a great balance of acid to sugar ripeness . The first of the Kalgan River Pinot Noir will be picked this week along with the Pinot Noir from our small  vineyard next the the cellar door and restaurant, leaving the balance of the reds to be harvested over the next three to four  weeks.The reds should achieve intense colour and flavour due to the smallers size bunches. The verdict ... another great year of wines to savour.

Vintage 2014

Vintage 2014 in the Great Southern was another classic.

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Vintage 2013

It's been a very busy time for the winery team at Willoughby Park

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