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It is a great view through the glass wall from the bar to the brewery our where brewer brings skill, experience and a special touch to the recipe.

It's not just a visual pleasure - when brewing the gorgeous aromas fill the building.

At Boston Brewery we believe that "everyone has a beer drinker inside them, some people just don't know it yet!”  Our brewer is dedicated to the craft and the joys of a brew well made.

The fantastic thing about being in such idealistic surrounds that make up the Denmark region, is that we are blessed with some of the finest, purest rainwater (and there is very rarely a lack of rain here) which we use in our brewing. Why settle for anything less than the best? Our use of rainwater allows the quality of the raw materials, carefully selected to speak for themselves – and they have got a lot to say! Our approach to beer is simple – traditional brewing techniques, quality ingredients, time and care, oh and a passionate brewer.
The Boston Brewery has 4 core beers and extra seasonal brews to keep the boutique (600 litre) brewhouse busy, but our brewer makes time to meet enthusiasts and exchange thoughts over the bar.

Available in the restaurant
4 brews - $12.00
6 brews - $18.00

Our beers are, for now, exclusive to the brewery and our refillable growlers are a great option for locals and holiday makers to enjoy at home or with friends.


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